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The Combat Veteran's Survival Kit

For the warrior the wars may be over but the struggle for what is left of his or her humanity never ends.

You are not alone unless you insist on it.

We are all connected, but no two are together.

If you do not understand your pain how can you expect anyone else to?

Carefully choose the targets for your anger.

Don't choose yourself to be angry at, you know too much about your weak points.

Life is never that bad; neither is death a solution.

Have breakfast with your demons every day.

In the end everyone and everything fails you.

When you are outgunned and out-maneuvered, declare victory and leave the field.

The only thing you can really change is what you are doing.

Go fishing; you might catch a glimpse of yourself in the water.

Anger, rage, and hatred are just affection, passion, and love in search of an object.

What are you afraid of; you already know what fear tastes like don't you?.

Forgiveness is the universal antidote.

The total of the times you get up needs only be one greater than the number of times you fall.

At any given moment there can be only one person in charge of your life.

It is harder to get help than it is to feel helpless.

No one taught you to run away.

The trail to recovery is neither straight nor level, and at some places it is not well marked.

You have paid for a quiet, safe, peaceful place where you can go whenever you want or need to.

Carrying a grudge is like hanging it around your neck so that it chafes and causes fresh pain each time you move.

There is nothing like the taking of human life to cause you to quickly devalue it.

There is nothing like the taking of human life to cause you to painfully re-evaluate it.

There is nothing like the taking of human life to cause you to profoundly value it.

If life is about learning how to deal with loss, than you have earned your PhD in that field.

Part of you was KIA in Vietnam; make sure that what remains does not go MIA.

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