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Tales of Nam
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We recover.

We seek recovery.

We seek to recover.

Often we stand so still.

We still stand, survivors all.

We stand still as we survive all.

Some walk with greater pain than others.

Some bear the burden of life that has taken life.

Some carry the baggage of death that has taken one of us.

All have carried the baggage and borne the burden of life and death.

Yet we seize with a death grip that part of our humanity that would be good.

Knowing that we have lost a part of our humanity that was innocent, and taught us to be good.

Some seek in death an end to the suffering for that part of their humanity that was good and did it not.

Some seek in life forgiveness for having done death in the name of god or country knowing that it was no good.

If you look for us you will find us in your cemeteries, or in your prisons, or sleeping underneath your concrete bridges.

You send us to prison because we are violent and angry and cannot control the rage that served us in combat.

We cannot hold your jobs because we are violent and angry, distrust authority, and self-medicate for pain.

We do not live in your homes because we are violent and angry, and self-medicate for the pain.

You don't give us jobs because we are violent and angry and distrust authority.

You divorce us because we are violent and angry and cannot show love.

Why did you train us to be violent and angry and not to show love?

Why did you send us to your violent, angry war to kill for you?

We help each other as we would help ourselves if we could.

We know well the evil that dwells within all of us.

We have breakfast with our demons every day.

Sometimes we cry out in our pain.

We seldom cry out in public.

We do not heal completely.

Some get better.

Others do not


Will's Whimsical Words:

Recovery ends when life does.

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