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Tales of Nam
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I love you and I'm sorry

EDITOR'S NOTE: The following piece grows out of a different war half-way around the world from Vietnam, one that may finally be winding down. It illustrates once more the true costs to our nation when we send our youth abroad to kill in the name of peace and freedom.

  The surge worked.
  Announcing that we're leaving worked even better.
  Never going would have worked best. I love you and I'm sorry.
  You bled red into the earth.
  Happy Chinese pump black. Out of the earth
  over Sadaam's dead body
  over the sea, back to their home.
  You won't be in the parade.
  Welcomed home unseeing
  by families grieving I love you and I'm sorry.
    August 2010

Will's Whimsical Words:

We are bringing home yet another generation of badly injured and disturbed veterans, some of whom will pay the price of the latest foreign adventure for the rest of their lives.

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